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OERAL got diversified attention in media and publicity environment. Hereunder you will find a snapshot of them.

TV Limburg
(November 2005)

We recently launched a unique publicity campaign through TV Limburg focussing on our best prices at our gas stations. Our promotional clip can be retrieved here ( ± 1,0MB, flash)


TV Limburg
(November 2005)

OERAL MAZOUT often invests in publicity on the TV Limburg television chain. Their last promotional clip can be retrieved with this link ( ± 1,0MB, flash)


Het Belang Van Limburg
(January 2005)
Starting up a gas station business not a trouble-free.

A gas station business in Belgium an not effortless, the competition is exceedingly hard. Oeral Belgium succeeded developing a station network from scratch with very competitive prices. Belgian gas stations are only getting approximately half the magnitude of cars then our surrounding countries because of our higher network density, with lower business volume consequences. The biggest business volumes are being processed trough gas stations on highways. If you add to that the environmental regulations it seems comprehensible that the small businesses are facing profitability inconveniences.


Those who wants to start up an unknown new brand in this branch is doubtless quite adventurous. Oeral succeeded and raises everyday their profitable gas station network in Limburg. Their ninth station will soon open in Beringen. Their accomplishment is mostly due to their human resources strategy. They only have a few, strictly the minimum. They have to because the collective employment convention between the Belgian Petrol federation and the unions stipulates quite high salaries. As an example: the lowest educated labour, such as clearing personnel gets € 14.37 an hour. The highest salary for educated labour gets € 16.68 an hour. Employees and servants are furthermore well paid. According to Danny Baerts from Oeral Belgium you have to share or choose in the sector. Either follow the option of personalized service at higher prices or go for sharp pricing.

All Oeral gas stations are full atomized, you only get fuel through cards (bank or own Oeral fuel Card). Furthermore and at the contrary of other stations selling gas is the only commerce, they do not have a shop or other activities requiring personnel. Oeral Belgium works with a mobile service team. At defined timeframes these people intervene at every station, even a few times a day, because those who would totally refrain from having scheduled personnel at site will run into troubles [Erik Klerckx]


Het Belang Van Limburg, Column 'Vooraan'
(October 2004)
BRIEFLY – Tiger in your reservoir is bread in the bag

HASSELT – Comparing gas prices easily results in a nice saving each time you fill up your tank. A random check from our redaction shows a difference of 10 eurocent a litre of diesel in two gas stations only a couple of hundred meters apart.
Since last Friday the official maximum price for a litre diesel raises up to € 1.009. Fortunately this fee is seldom handled by the gas station executives. The cheapest diesel is a unmanned gas station in Hasselt from Oeral at the rate of € 0,899 a litre. Second placed is the Esso gas station on the Kuringersteenweg rating € 0.924 a litre which differs €0.085 a litre from the official maximum price. That means that each twenty litres you acquire, you catch a free bread while filling your tank with a tiger. [GW]


Het Belang Van Limburg, Column 'Vooraan'
(October 2004)
Compare and save 10 eurocent on diesel

Since Friday the official maximum price mounts up to € 1.009 per litre diesel. Following the offer and demand edict gas station managers are selling under this maximum price. Cost-conscious drivers will easily save up to 10 eurocent a litre diesel while comparing eight gas stations in Hasselt.

HASSELT – In Belgium the official maximum petrol pricing is being dictated by a frame contract between the Belgian authorities and the oil sector. For that reason the prioce differences on international oil markets are being downscaled towards our pump pricing. According to Johan Mattart from the Federation of Gas station holders "The frame contract states the maximum market price that can not be overruled". "Their own pricing is free under this upper limit, at highly influenced by the offer and demand edict. Merchants have to observe their neighbouring competitors. If one goes down you virtually obliged to go as well."
The global station budget and purchase strategy are decidedly influencing your pricing as well. "Station part of a widespread chain will obviously get better purchase conditions as their combined volume is higher. Those purchase contracts will vastly weight the market price setting.”
€ 1,009 a litre diesel as a standard, we compared eight gas stations in and around Hasselt as to show the market price differences. Make no mistake this is only a random check, as it is feasible another gas station from the same brand would have diverse prices.
The result is a greatly diversified pricelist. Only two gas stations were selling at the maximum price of € 1.009 a litre. All others were prices between € 0.900 and € 1.000 a litre diesel. Only Oeral, not hazardous an unmanned gas station, goes lower to € 0.899 a litre diesel. The distinction between the highest and lowest priced diesel is € 0.11 a litre. Not negligible since a full tank of 60 litres would save you € 6.6!! [Jo TREKELS]


Het Belang Van Limburg, column 'Job'
(October 2004)
"Lowest prices is the best service"

'Business & Jobs' portraits the gas station chain Oeral'
It is unjust stating that gas station managers are getting higher profits rates due to the high oil prices, according to the president of the Fuel Merchant from Limburg. "We also have to ga deeper in cash facing the higher fuel prices.." TVL- magazine 'Business & Jobs' investigates and portaits Oeral, a chain handling the best fuel market prices.

HASSELT – At Oeral Belgium’s headquarters in Liège our anchor man Werner Couck gets to know the Oeral Strategy. Concepts are being reflected upon The company could serve the employement market while occupying a improved number of personnel, but at the contrary they choose to serve the consumer. Oearl only employs a few personnel members. “While eliminating all steps in between we manage to get low market pricing," according to the Oeral manager Danny Baerts. "Our gas stations provide neither personalized service nor shops. Consciously chosen is seems, the best price is the best consumer service. “But unmanned stations could enhance a feeling of insecurity. Baerts: "That has also been carefully thought over. Our stations are painted white with continuous music in the back. Moreover a few times a day our mobile service team is touching ground at every location.

Fuel card

It is obvisouly their free choice, but since our government decided to hit company cars with more taxes( the company car advantage will be charged upon social security as well) , we are promoting a second fuel card for our companies in Limburg. One card specifically for Limburg the other internationally accepted. That allows companies to gas up cost-consciously." And alike each oil company the owner of a fuel card gets a monthly detailed statement. Baerts is conscious that "not everyone gets the freedom to choose for the best price, since a lot of companies already have the fuel cards serving their total car park, which links them to our competitors.


TV Limburg
(January 2005)

Oeral often invests in publicity on the TV Limburg television chain. Their last promotional clip can be retrieved with this link ( ± 0,5MB, flash) or a larger sized via this link. ( ± 4MB, flash)


TV Limburg
TV Publiek
(January 2005)

Oeral sponsors 'TV Publiek' on the television chain TV Limburg. The Programs adjacent to people, not hazardous also Oeral’s strategy.

Use this link to retrieve the billboard of 'TV Publiek' ( ± 2MB, flash)